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Pioneer Adventures

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Your walking sticks can be designed in a fashion of your choosing or specific instructions from your train.  The pictures above are an example.

We ask that you use the colors as specified here.

Yellow - Has joined Pioneers and is working on Hiker requirements.  The boy is called a Hiker at this point.

Orange - Working on Backpacker requirements.  Is called a Backbacker

Red - Working on Climber requirements.  Is called a Climber

Blue - Working on Outdoorsman requirements.   Is called an Outdoorsman

Green - Working on Adventurer requirements.  Is called an Adventurer

White - Finished all requirements.  

The wood-burned marks represent units within each level.  These marks can be a different design or method if you like.  Again the stick above is just an example and we encourage trains to use their own methods if they want to.

In the example above it would appear that the boy has met most of the Adventurer requirements and will be getting the white ring added at the bottom very soon.   

Optionally, in the example above 15 ft of paracord is wrapped around the bottom third of the stick.  (This is just a personalization of the stick - the paracord is a survivalist staple.)   

A sight hole at a 45 degree angle can be added - useful for measuring the height of objects.

Concentration pins - As all of the requirements for a “concentration” are met, the boy should be awarded the appropriate pin, to attach to his walking stick.  Information on how to obtain the pins is below.

Camper -  Camp Fire Pin                                            Marksman  -  Arrow Pin

Chef -   Frying Pan Pin                                                Survivalist  -  Globe Compass Pin

Patriot -   Liberty Bell Pin                                            Swimmer  -  Wave Pin

Ecologist -  Americas Pin                                             Woodsman  -  Tomahawk Pin

Voyager -  Canoe Paddle Pin                                       Christianity -  Cross Pin

Order these pins directly by visiting www.lapelpinplanet.com.

Then search for the name of the pin above….  For example …. Wave pin is what you search for for the swimmer pin.